- FAQ -

Our art pieces come from many countries in South East Asia. The current pool of artists include those from Vietnam. Every 6 months, we purchase enterprising artworks from UK and Australian artists too. We also have 2 resident artists based locally who cater to most simpler custom-made abstract paintings.

There is a strong incentive to purchase from Artistrio Art Singapore because we offer arts at the most competitive pricing in Singapore. Our art works prices begin at $299, depending on size, artist, and genre of work. Our artworks are also among the most dynamic in the region.

We are able to secure competitive pricing because our arts purchase team scour the Asian Continent for emerging, fresh artists in need of more exposure. In identifying these artists, and sourcing them to commence art projects directly, we cancel out all middleman costs.

Artistrio Art Singapore will, at its sole discretion, hold promotions for customers.  To access the promotion page, simply click Promotions Tab and enter your email address to gain instant access to the promotions page, free of charge. 

We take pride in delivering unbeatable value. As such, Artistrio Art Singapore is able to  deliver within 16-25 days for Singapore and other parts of Asia. However, please take note that some paintings may take more time depending on the complexity, layering and drying process. 

Artistrio Art Singapore is able to offer unparalleled pricing and value due to the  support of the huge current customer database. With  the sales volume that we are getting monthly, we have no problems keeping our prices the BEST. We thank you for your support, and as long as we have you on our side, we promise to keep the prices THIS low, and continue serving the arts consumers here.

All custom-made and commissioned artworks will go through a rigorous draft and quality process. Once a draft is completed, it will be submitted to you, and you can vet the quality for yourself. Our artists will make changes to the artworks in terms of texture, colour, etc until you are happy with the end result. Only when you give the approval, will the artwork be dried and made ready for final delivery. 

Framing options such as gold, wooden teak etc can be chosen with our partner framer. You may also opt for Gallery-Wrap style framing, a modern style of ready to hang version of the conventional frame.

*** Please note that frames and gallery wrapping are optional after completion of work.***