Abu Jalal Sarimon

My artworks are among the many modes through which I commit “The Call of the Mind” bringing my thoughts and ideas, presented to human cultural sensibility. Characterised by finesse and sense of humour, my creations encourage viewers to evaluate the hidden meanings of each work, behind their seemingly simple yet candid compositions. Always ‘strong in colour’, the nature of my artwork is openly apparent, and I skilfully composed this mode of expression to create engaging conversation with my viewers.

I am Singapore 3rd generation artist and known as the Social Commentary artist. I am the Founder of Freedom & Love International Art Group, Founding Members of TUJU Art Group, Executive Member of Singapore Modern Art Society, Head of Imago Mundi Singapore and Senior Member of Singapore Malay Artists of Various Resources (APAD).

I create each artwork as an avenue to share and challenge the viewer’s natural and ideological perceptions of this fast shaping world. Driven by my sharp observation and conceptual visual expression, my aesthetic variations transform common idea with a fundamental concern towards society, the environment and humanities.

I love to explore the richness, joyous and harmonious of colours. I pick human, nature and objects around me as my subject matter that gives freshness and spontaneity to life. I portray colourful perspective to my paintings by applying the vibrant colours, the creative styling, the strong drawing skill with intellectual inclinations yet comical in composition.

I enjoy working with acrylic on canvas for obvious reason; acrylic dried fast hence I able to apply more layer of colours on my canvas, producing variation of texture, bold effect and strong lines. Acrylic which is a water-base medium is also much cleaner and able to withstand against tropical heat. I love travelling, sketching, reading and writing hence those good habits influence most of my works. I have travelled and exhibited in many parts of the world, namely; Singapore, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Dubai, Iran, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Netherlands, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, Turkey, Italy and recently Tunisia.

My art works are well received by the art community and well collected by private collectors, professionals, banks, museums and government agencies local and overseas.